My name is Les Scott.    Similar to most beekeepers, I thought about beekeeping for several years before actually diving in. I knew absolutely nothing about the hobby/business before then. Most of what I learned came from the internet. I bought my starter set on Amazon and learned that it was possible to catch a swarm. I built and hung a trap and posted in Nextdoor that I was looking for swarms. A nearby beekeeper was told about my ad and contacted me mostly out of self-defense. He didn’t want a mite bomb living down the street from him.

Long story, short… he helped me get started and connected me to our local club. I didn’t know the organization existed.

Jump a couple years forward. During the summer buildup of 2021, I ran out of equipment. It was in the middle of the splitting and swarm season and my apiary went from a couple of hives to a dozen in a matter of weeks. The big online equipment suppliers were all backed up and I had used my last homemade boxes. I managed to borrow a bunch from a fellow beekeeper to keep me going while waiting 3 weeks for my online order. I think it was then that I realized we could use an equipment supplier here in our corner of the state.

I checked around with the big guys – Mann Lake, Kelley, Pierco – trying to develop a wholesale account. They weren’t having it unless I gambled my savings account. Then I learned about Beeline Woodenware. The short story is they made it possible for me to become a dealer of their excellent equipment.

So now, here I am heading into my 4th year of beekeeping, just an oasis in the Whatcom/Skagit Beekeeping equipment desert.

I’d love to earn your business through our quality equipment and low pricing.

Come check out my shop here in Bellingham or call or text.

2427 Vista Drive, Bellingham ~ 360~303~0396